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Social Media Consultant/Content Creator/Strategy Consultant/Writer/Social Media Educator

Self Employed

January 2014 - Present


Is your social media strategy working for you? It could be! I can help.

-Social Media Manager
-Content Creator (Photo/Video/Copywriter)
-Strategy and Planning
-Social Media Optimization and Consulting
-Classes and Education- Individuals and Groups

Social Media Manager/Content Creator/Brand Manager

Green Lantern Pizza

June 2022-Present

-Content creator, brand manager, and social media manager for Green Lantern Pizza. (6 almost 7 locations)
This includes photos, video, concept, plan, strategy, management, and community interaction.
Channels: Facebook/Instagram/ Google Business/Yelp

Social Media Manager/Content Creator/Brand Manager

Ferndale Downtown Development Authority

March 2020-Present

-Content creator and social media manager for the Ferndale DDA.


When the world shut down in March of 2020 The Ferndale DDA reached out and asked me how they could engage their community and help the local businesses in their district.  I created and executed a social media strategy that helped them establish their social media as the go-to place for information about Ferndale/COVID/Metro Detroit. The board was so happy with the work that they contracted me to stay on board to continue telling the story of Downtown Ferndale.

Marketing Director/Social Media Manager

Planet Ant (Non-Profit)

December 2019 - Present

-Marketing Director and Social Media Manager for Planet Ant, Ant Hall, and Ghost Light.

Social Media Manager/Content Creator/Brand Manager

r.collective Salon 

October 2020- Present

-Social media manager and content creator.

I assist r.collective in utilizing social media to generate new leads and to establish their salon and their stylists as leaders in their industry.

Content Creator/Social Media Manager/Brand Manager

Premier Communications Group

May 2022- Present

-Freelance Social Media Content Creator/Brand Manager/ Social Media Manager for a variety of different brands that are working with the marketing company for website, marketing, and SEO services.

Social Media Manager/Content Creator

D.I.Y. Street Fair

August 2018- October 2018

August 2019-October 2019

September 2021


-I put together and executed a 6-week campaign to promote attendance at the 2018 DIY festival and to grow the festival's social media accounts. All the accounts had significant growth, the festival was well attended, and Instagram had over 100,000 impressions in just three days! This was a wildly successful campaign, especially with the short lead time to create and execute.

- Was rehired to create and execute another 6-week campaign for the 2019 event with great results including an increased following and festival attendance.

- Was rehired for the 2021 event for two weeks of promo and live coverage the weekend of the event. It was one of the best years the makers have ever had. Great attendance and great sales. Utilized reels and video to get increased interaction since we only had a short time period to promote the event.

Social Media Manager/Content Creator

Detroit Urban Craft Fair

October 2019- December 2019 

July 2020- December 2020

September 2021- January 2022


I put together and executed an 8-week campaign to promote attendance at the 2019 Detroit Urban Craft Fair.

In 2020 the Detroit Urban Craft Fair pivoted to a virtual platform and spread the show out over 9 weeks with 2 takeovers a day. I helped plan, organize, and execute the logistics of the virtual show. This account gained approx 5K followers within the 9-week period.

Co-Creator/Manager/Content Creator

January 2012 - Present


-Write original promotional and editorial material that is released on a daily basis.


-Help local companies, bands, and events grow their market base and expand their reach by using creative ideas to take their success to the next level.


-Conduct live on-camera interviews with local bands, restaurant owners, business owners, and other hip people that are edited into video features. These features draw traffic and attention to the companies, restaurants, events, bands, and brands that we work with.


-Help local companies reach a target group of Detroiters who consider us to be influencers.


-Manage all social media for the website including Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram, Blogger, and Facebook.


-Work with companies like Live Nation, AEG, and The Crofoot Presents to create ticket giveaways and contests to promote events and increase ticket sales.


-Create, plan, and host local charity events.


-Form intimate relationships with the movers and shakers of Detroit.

Social Media Manager/Content Creator

Brand Labs

January 2021-June 2022

-Content creator and social media manager for Brand Labs.

I was brought onto the team to help Brand Labs establish a better online presence and to tell the story of their company as they worked their way through going remote (Covid-19) and rebranding/relaunching their web presence.

I coordinated content and copy with the entire marketing team and together we tell the story of Brand Labs and generate new leads for the company through social media and Google.

Social Media Manager/ Content Creator

Bagley Central

June 2019-September 2019

June 2020-September 2020

January 2022-May 2022


- Created a 3-month start-up campaign to build out all social media including all content creation.

-Built out and managed Yelp, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook accounts for a new business.

-I was rehired by Bagely Central to create a 3-month social media campaign to help them reopen and re-establish customers after COVID-19 close down. This includes creating photos, graphics, and stories to share the reopening story of the business.

-I was again rehired to help create content and to help get the word out about the bar, the cocktail menu, the new events, and to help generate some buzz post-COVID.

Social Media Manager

Bath Savvy

February 2019 - March 2020

-Social media manager and content creator. 

Social Media Manager

Johanna Campagne LPC

December 2019 - March 2020

-Social media manager and content creator. 

Hired to build a three-month marketing plan/social media strategy to grow following and attract new clients.

Social Media Manager


October 2018- December 2019

-Social Media Manager for:

Woodward Avenue Brewers
The Emory
The Loving Touch

​-This includes all content creation aka photos/copy/ strategy/ community management.

-Created and implemented social media campaigns that lead to growth and increased interaction.

Social Media Manager

Rust Belt Market

February 2017 - September 2019


-Social media manager and content creator.

-The goal of this project was to establish a brand identity and grow followers. I grew all their accounts over a year and a half. This includes organically taking their Instagram from 13.5- 23.5 k and helping their Google and Yelp listings get more/consistent traffic.

Social Media Manager/Content Creator

Rise Above the Din

August 2016- 2019


-Create content for Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook for a variety of clients.

-Manage a variety of brands' online images across the board and respond to all customer inquiries.

-Write copy and create marketing strategies to grow the company's social media following and generate sales.

-Take and edit photos and videos for social media use.

Social Media Manager

Nude the Salon

January 2017- January 2018


-Social media manager and content creator. 


Marketing Director/Social Media Manager

Blumz by JRDesigns

February 2015 - December 2018


-Planned, created, and distributed all content on all social media channels including Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, The Knot, Weddingwire, and more. 


-Created unique social media/call-to-action campaigns that drive target buyers to our website and into the store. 


-Ensured brand messages were consistent across all mediums. 


-Determined where and when to invest marketing dollars to make the biggest impact.


-Formed and fostered relationships with the local community to expand the business. 


-Planned small and large-scale events, this includes large events like our annual Ladies Night Out and Petal it Forward.


-Managed donation and in-kind sponsorship requests.


-Created and distributed press releases/media advisories. 


-Oversaw networking and new client acquisition.


-Created and managed two blogs for the company including writing and editing all the content.


-Managed and edited all content on company websites.


-Took photos/videos of all products and events for Blumz social media and marketing materials.

Social Media Manager

Sahara Restaurant and Grill

January 2017- September 2017


-Social media manager and content creator.


Social Media Manager/Project Manager

Michigan Humane Society

September 2016- January 2017


-I was contracted by M1 Studios to supervise a team that was hired to take over all of The Michigan Humane Society's social media channels until a permanent replacement could be found. I worked with this small group to write, create, and dispense all of the company's social media for a four-month period. During this time MHS saw a spike in its social media growth and engagement.


Project Manager


October 2014- March 2015


-Planned out and enacted the launch of the Tastemade app into the Detroit market.

-Used local media to recruit 40-50 users to participate in the launch of an app.

-Managed the Detroit community of app users, taught them how to use the app and improve their videos.

-Planned all aspects of the app’s launch party in Ferndale, Michigan.

-Successfully recruited a solid base of users for Tastemade to continue to expand in the Detroit market.


Brand Ambassador


May 2014- March 2015


-Represented at local events around the Detroit Metro area.

-Helped increase Yelp’s reach by interacting with potential customers and encouraging them to sign up for Yelp’s newsletter or download Yelp’s application on their smartphones.

-Helped market brands that Yelp is working with to potential customers by inviting them to sample the products and review them online after sampling.

-Assisted in facilitating new marketing techniques to get the word out about Yelp, this includes various approaches such as games, giveaways, and explaining the brand in creative and fun ways.

Assistant Marketing and Communications Manager

Rave Computers

July 2014- October 2014


-Wrote articles and designed promotional adverts.

-Coordinated the production of a wide range of marketing communications.

-Researched and conceived newsletter articles.

-Produced a variety of business materials, including letters, reports, proposals, and forms.

-Proofread and edited all referenced written materials

.-Coordinated, planned, scheduled, and organized marketing campaigns for trade shows and special events.

-Developed and managed all online marketing campaigns.

-Managed all social media channels for the company.

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